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You should buy Spotify plays to increase your profile exposure. Besides, it will help you to catch a quick growth in your Spotify popularity.

Spotify is the best online music streaming platform! It has millions of monthly active users and a user-friendly interface. A lot of people likes Spotify and uses it daily. Spotify has over 60 million paid subscribers and a total of 159 million monthly active users. Right now people from 65 countries including most of Europe, most of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and parts of Asia are using Spotify.

It has riched 200 million monthly active users, where 85 million is paying subscribers. Moreover, every day 20,000 new songs get added to Spotify. So it’s easy to establish your career on Spotify.

Spotify is a Great Platform to Start Your Career!

As Spotify is the top online music streaming platform, it has opened doors for new artists to start their career and known to people. With millions of active users and a more convenient and user-friendly interface, Spotify is now everyone’s favorite.

It’s much easier to establish your career on Spotify than any other platforms. So, investing in Spotify by buying Spotify plays is worth the money. Because the more you get streams the more popular your songs will be. Through Spotify, you can get recognized much faster and easier.

Thre best thing about Spotify is- it is a freemium service with the totally free basic services. This great platform is open for everyone with a very user-friendly version.

Spotify has the highest number of users and the highest interactions. People like Spotify than any other online music streaming platforms. So, starting your career as a singer through Spotify is a great start.

Why is Spotify the Best?

On the Spotify apps, you can browse music searching by different parameters- artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label. The best feature is that the users can create, edit or share playlists. Besides, they can also make playlists with other users. Moreover, they can share tracks on different social media. The users of Spotify get access to over 35 million songs.

Spotify Play Button:

Spotify introduced its “Spotify Play Button” in 2012. It is a music player feature that which the users can add to blogs, websites, or the social media profiles. It let the traffics listen to a specific song, album or, playlist without leaving the page. Similarly, Spotify has its web player for its computer programs. Its most amazing feature is that it does not require any kind of installation.

Collection, Follow and Discover Tab

Spotify introduced the “Follow” & “Discover” tab with the “Collection” section in 2013.

The “Follow” tab lets the users follow others to see what they are listening to. And the “Discover” tab let the users get information about new releases from their favourite artists. Besides it also helps to get recommendations for music, and concerts based on the users’ listening history.

Listeners can also add all tracks to the”Collection” section of the app, rather than to a specific playlist like Youtube, or another platform.

Home-Start Page

In 2015, Spotify introduced home-start page like Youtube that would recommend music to the users. It helps the users to easily find the musics as their choice.

Spotify Running

Spotify also introduced “Spotify Running”. It was a feature aimed at improving the music. Unfortunately, this feature was removed in 2018 from Mobile clients.

As the last announcement, podcasts and videos would also be added to Spotify, along with the “Spotify Originals” content. 

Third-Party Developer Access

Spotify has given third-party developers access to design applications that could be hosted together with the Spotify computer software. As a result, the amazing features like lyrics, music reviews, and song recommendations have been available to the users.

Spotify Codes

Recently, Spotify has introduced Spotify Codes for its mobile apps. It has made easy for the users to share specific music, tracks, or playlists with other people. When the users find something to share, they press a “soundwave-like barcode” on the display. As this process works with a device scan like system, it is a very safe process to share any content with others.

How Spotify Play Works?

Spotify pays to the artists based on the number of’ streams as a proportion of total songs streamed.  The more stream a song gets, it will get more pay. If the songs of an artist get the highest streams on Spotify, Spotify will add it to the  popular Spotify playlists like “Today’s top hits”.

It’s a great achievement for an artist to get their songs on Spotify playlists. Because these playlists are so popular and the listeners get to introduce themselves with the new artists from these playlists. If you are a new artist and you have launched your new album on Spotify you will also have a wish to see your song to be on Spotify playlists.

But it’s not that easy. Basically, most of the people don’t search for songs of new artists on Spotify they always go for the artists they know or they listen to the playlists made by Spotify. If you want to get your songs more attention and listened to people then it will be a good start for your career to buy Spotify plays.

How Does it help to Buy Spotify Plays?

As a new or unsigned artist on Spotify, it’s quite impossible to get streams on Spotify. So why you need streams on Spotify?

The answer is Spotify selects the most played songs on a single day or month around the world. Then they put it on their different playlists. So, as an artist, you always want to see your songs on Spotify playlist. Because once your song gets a good rank on Spotify’s top hits, people will easily recognize you. And if people love your song, they might include it on their personal playlist; (Playlist made by Spotify users).

So, you can build your career as a singer in less time and much easier. Spotify pays you for per-stream you get on Spotify. Once you get a huge popularity of people, you can quit your job and make your career as a singer. So, how you will get streams on Spotify as an unsigned artist?

Here, comes the idea of buying Spotify play to get more stream on Spotify. If you buy Spotify streams you can make your songs reach the crowd and make your opportunity to start your career as a singer.



Is It Safe to Buy Spotify Plays?

Yes, you can buy Spotify plays and it’s not illegal. Some artist pays Spotify editors to rank their songs on Spotify playlist but it voids the Spotify terms and conditions. But it is safe to buy Spotify plays and it opens the door to opportunities for you.

Buying Spotify play is the way which is safer and it’s a great start for a new artist. So, if want to get more streams on Spotify as a new artist to buy Spotify streams that are very helpful and will be a great start for your career and the most important part is its effective legal and doesn’t void any terms and conditions.


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